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Event Lighting in the Top venues in CT
Whether you are looking to to highlight your venues unique features, or transform it's look completely, event lighting is the key.

LED Up Lighting
Wireless LED's can surround the ballroom providing brilliant color or fading colors. This unique design has been created to enhance the natural beauty of the venue while creating a custom look for every event.

Custom Projection, Monograms and Intelligent Lighting
| Custom gobos, monograms will personalize a space with your theme or custom logo. NOW - If you want to create an elegant ambiance for your event or if you are looking for a ways to impress your guests and set the mood for dancing, then using intelligent lighting is your solution. In addition amazing LED effects, you now raise the energy of the event with intelligent lighting fixtures installed overhead to create dazzling effects on the dance floor, chandeliers, and around your venue.

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